Monday, April 03, 2006

Foreign languages, identity and intercultural competence.

I am a 18- year- old French boy and I have been living in Brazil for 4 years now Before this transition I was in France, but even in France I was moving all the time. Here is my journey since I was born: Paris, Lyon, Paris, Montpellier, Nice, Montpellier and now Brazil. Taking in account that in some towns I moved twice I can’t consider myself a Parisian as I have no contacts with any of my ex-friends and I left without saying goodbye… Oh, I have to explain that my parents are divorced, and I left my mummy in France with one of my sisters. It was very difficult for me to make this choice, but I felt that this was the choice I was supposed to make for my studies. I wasn’t forced to go, but I wanted to have a decent job, or even just a job, and well, I ran away from my failure there to have a new start here.

Since I came to Brazil, things have been different. I’ve kept my buddies during 4 years, going to the same places. I have my own communities now; my own band, my music school, well and part of my roots are here, in Brazil even though the largest part is in France, with my family and because French is my mother tongue. My marks are better here though and I can think about getting a job and so on.

I am not fluent in Portuguese because all of my friends are French and I do not so many contacts with Portuguese and Brazilians. However, I love Brazil and the people who are very welcoming and affectionate, and whom I prefer to the French. In France people are cold and closed in themselves, always complaining about everything, well they can’t enjoy life as it comes.

It’s strange because when I’m in Brazil I miss my family and my country, but when I’m in France, I miss my buddies. It’s as if I were torn between two cultures, France and Brazil so only when I mix both I feel complete. This dream will come true also when I go back to France at the end of the year because my 3 best friends ever are going to come with me, maybe not stay in the same town, but will not be really far from it.

I can say that this transition brought a lot of new experiences. For the first time in my life I fell in love in Brazil (but she wasn’t a Brazilian), I built my circle of friend: we are very close and united. I’ve seen wonderful landscape, and also horrible poverty scenes, and some unusual scenes… It was a step in my life that I won’t regret. Now I can speak better English (because in France… well, you know, languages are not the strong point), also I can speak Portuguese with a certain accent (remember that I am still French) and some Spanish.

I don’t know what it is like to be forced to leave one’s country, to leave the family thinking :” And if I will never see him again?”, and I’m curious to know what feelings that may generate, and if the integration can be as easy as mine or very difficult. What are your plans for the future?

Monday, February 20, 2006

“Who in the world would you really like to send an email/letter (or read your blogposts?) and why?”

“Who in the world would you really like to send an email/letter (or read your blogposts?) and why?”

I would like that somebody I don't know to read my blog. In way to know if the way I've described myself is correct or not. I mean if I'm like I'm seeing myself (kinda crazy I know), well, just to see if I am what I think I am... And of course if the people get interested in sharing ideas and to discuss about topic, like music or movies. I don't like to talk about subjects very "intellectual" because I don't think you get smarter by talking about it. I don't mean that I don't care about society or art and etc... but I think it's funnier talking about .... [To be continued]

Back In Black!!

Yelllllll I´m back !!!!
I´m here for one year again, and then I go back in France ^_^.
So I´m gonna try to keep this blog a bit online in way to.... dunno why.... It maybe cuz of my teacher ^^

Wednesday, November 16, 2005



I'm writting my testament cuz tomorrow it's my BAC of french n biology.... err.. I'm very afraid of that test, I mean it's the reason why I worked since I was born (well, to get job then money but without my bac I even can't have the smell of it...) n I don't wanna screw this opportunity.
I studied but, well you know, we always have this impression something is just wrong or missing.
We think we haven't learned enough (well, I think) and it's a sensation so unpleasant.

So, this is my testament:

  • I bequath my guitar to my buddy Jeremy (take car of it as if it was yours)
  • I bequath my none-fortune to my other buddy Nicolas
  • I bequath all my clothes to Emmaus (an organization for destitute children) so that nobody can tell I was (or I am) selfish
  • Well about the rest, oh! I don't wanna be incinerate (muffin is just too cool ;)) and I want to give my organs to anybody who need it.

I tink that's all (I'm ruin now ^_^) so I'm saying good luck to myself ;)

See ya!

Monday, November 07, 2005


I have comment on on my futur Japan's trip.
I'd rather love to go there cuz I think it's THE place, THE country we must see.
I don't know if I'll like the conditions of life cuz it seems to be very strict and hardworking life, and I think I'm so lazy that I can handle this life.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Work On Guns

This time is classwork, again and again.... it's a cycle.

Well I have to do a work on the referendum, working on 2 articles

  • First Arcticle

    This is an article from the BBC's site. It's talking about the referendum which is going to happen the 23 of octobre. The referendum is about firearms : Do you want firearms or not?
    Somes of the related words :
    - disarmament measures
    - 99 deaths per day
    - Smuggling

    I think this article is neutral, it's just an information about the referendum in Brazil.

  • Second article

    This is an article from the site. It's talking about the referendum which is going to happen the 23 of octobre. The referendum is about firearms : Do you want firearms in sall or not?

    Somes of the related words :
    - defenseless (people)
    - Brazil has the highest number of gun deaths in the world, with 36,091 people shot and killed last year, according to government figures.

    I think the first argument is against the ban, it said that people are defenseless and with a gun they are going to protect themself.

    The second argument is for the ban, by saying this it shows that Brasil don't need to be an open market of firearms.

    There are arguments against : the one which are talking about Nazism and Hitler (I don't get thoses points... so weird), or the fact that brasilian people is the highest number of gun death in the world.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Wow how many comment!!

Well, thanks to all of the BAS student from Thailand to their posts ^^

I'll try to get contacts with all of you very soon

My Blog Work

I have a homework : To mark my blog, to make a judgment about it.

Uhm... If I have to say a mark I'll put 5 on 10. Why?
Because I think I've post more things that the others one but I don't tried to make it "better". Like, I've made a post on guitars but I didn't go far in the subject, you know it's like if I can't focus on what I'm doing.

But the idea of making a post and to join flickr is a VERY good idea, thanks teacher.
Yep, we can share somes life time and it's always a pleasure when people comment on your fotos or your blog.
If I had to do it again I'll do, but with more concentration I hope.

I think it's a new way to work too, it's not the traditional way: paper pen.... BORING!!!
I don't know what I can say about this homework.... I know I can to better, but I have a poil dans la main like we say in french ^^.

Monday, September 05, 2005


Well, I'm going to do an extra post about GUITARS.

It has been two years from now that I'm playing guitar so I'm going to tell somethings about my passion.

In first : what a guita is made of?

[All take on]
Now I'll present my guitar :

Name : Esthelle
Code Name : PAC112J
Made of :

  • Solid Alder Body
  • Maple Neck
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • 1 Humbucker/2 Single coil Pickups
  • Diecast Chrome Tuners
  • Black Pickguard
  • Vintage Style Chrome Tremolo
  • Black (ex-white, I painted her)
  • Personals Sticks.

When I play guitar it's my way to express myself, I play metal songs the most of the time, I love training during hours with the objectif to can play a music that I love.
I have a band to, it's called "Semper Fi" (always together in latin), we are just 3 (2 guitars and a drummer) and we are looking for a singer and bassist. Actually we're training on the Simple plan's song called "Shut Up".